One major responsibility of owning a business is proper roof maintenance. If you don’t take good care of your building’s roof, you may end up dealing with bigger problems down the road.

The Power of Being Proactive

The best defense against roof problems is to know your roof’s current condition so you can catch an emerging problem and take care of it quickly, saving money in the long run.

Owners and property managers who only deal with the obvious problems (reactive maintenance) pay an average of 25 cents a square every year on roof maintenance. Owners and property managers who maintain their roof’s health (proactive maintenance) pay an average of only 14 cents a square.

Sometimes, a roof problem can be detected from the inside. If you notice water damage such as discoloration on the ceiling, or mold any place in the building, it might be coming from a roof leak. Even the smallest cracks in the infrastructure of the roof need to be identified and addressed, before problems become more costly. If you notice any of these things, head up to the roof or schedule an appointment with your local commercial roofing professional.

What to Look For On the Outside

If you choose to head to the roof yourself, be sure to have someone spot you to be safe. Check for signs of prolonged moisture – things like puddles or bubbles. Lingering moisture can cause deterioration and premature aging to your roof. Also lookout for things like cracked venting and flashing, cracked, loose, and lifted shingles.

Have your roof inspected after extreme weather like hurricanes or snowstorms. Roofs that were once strong can slowly be worn down by years of bad weather until they are no longer safe.

Finding a Professional

Before contacting a professional, make sure to check the areas around the building that you can reach. Tell a potential contractor everything you discovered in your walk-through to help them focus on areas of importance to you.

Finding professional roofers with knowledge and experience will save you money in the long run, while providing the best service possible to preserve your roof. Low-price options offer quick fixes, but you may end up spending more money long-term on maintenance.

Experience is key. Choosing less experienced roofers may lead to faulty work and create bigger problems for you in the future. Choosing wisely means having someone turn to on a regular basis for the maintenance of your roof, or to address bigger problems, and for advice to keep you ahead of the game.

The roof is the part of a building that can often be forgotten in a work environment. Keeping your employees safe should be at the top of your priorities. Maintaining your building including the roof will help you meet that priority. Fitting roof maintenance into your work routine will keep you prepared and proactive so that problems can be prevented before they start – which also means more time to work on different aspects of your business. So, make sure to put roof maintenance on your to-do list today.