It’s not just derelict and empty properties that fall prey to mice and rat infestations; any property is a potential winter residence for these intelligent creatures. They simply need opportunity and a discernible food and water source in your home or business premises to become your unwanted guests.

Neglected repairs, a cracked drain pipe, a small hole in to an attic space, an open garage door or outbuilding window aresufficient to allow access; crumbs, pet or animal food, open food packaging, over-spilling wheelie bins and unmanaged food stock storage spaces in commercial premises lead to personal distress, property damage and the need for professional pest control treatments.

Under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949 the occupier/owner of land must keep their land free of rats and mice. They must not allow the issue to spread to neighbouring buildings or land.

Specialist companies like Pest Control Berkshire are in constant demand for mice and rat control treatments throughout the winter. Please do not feel ashamed or intimidated by the issue. Pest Control Berkshire’s team drives unmarked vehicles and wear plain uniforms; no one will know that you’ve called in rodent control experts.

Pest control is a fact of life; in the cruel winds of winter would you rather be in a safe and secluded attic with a food supply a scamper away or outside trawling through refuse and compost heaps? Rats and mice are just like us; they want a sanctuary.

There are over 15 million rats in the UK, so they are a prominent problem.

The Brown Rat, Rattus Norvegicus, also called the Norway Rat, is much more common locally than the Black Rat, Rattus Rattus. It was the Black Rat that carried the plague but please do not ever handle a brown rat; they present health and safety risks even when dead. Trust specialists.

The House Mouse, Mus Domesticus, has large eyes and ears and tiny feet. Measuring 7-10cm plus a similar length tail, these pests can eat up to 3 grams of food per day.

Both pests breed quickly. A mother in April can easily be a great grandmother by the end of one summer.

If you feel tempted to try a DIY treatment, you’re free to do so but they often don’t meet mortgage, maintenance, insurance or health and safety requirements and the pests could have become resistant to them. “Super-rats” have evolved to consume over the counter rat control treatments without suffering any ill effects.

Licensed pest control firms have access to treatments which are not in the public domain and they have the qualifications, experience and rodent knowledge to achieve the objective comprehensively and as authorities demand.

Work with the best

Pest Control Berkshire is certified by the Royal Society for Public Health and registered under the BASIS PROMPT scheme.
Operatives are trained by the British Pest Control Association and are regulated by the Health and Safety Executive.

What price do you place on peace of mind and safety? Professional pest control is worth every penny.