So you’ve found your ideal home! But what if your ideal home is not in the ideal state? You can either live with it as it is….or make one of five simple changes to improve it immediately. Personalising a new home can be a tricky process sometimes and the earlier you begin it, the more likely you are to have success. Unless the property is in a serious state of disrepair, or needing complete renovation, then one of the options below will usually suit.

Five ways to improve your new property before you move in
Fit a new kitchen. There are some rooms of a home which bear more traces of previous owners than others and the kitchen is certainly one of them. This is where the previous occupants have cooked, eaten, drunk and probably even entertained. The decor will be their choice, the layout, position of cupboards, kitchen island, etc. It may be to your tastes, but if not then replacing it can immediately bring a very personal touch to your home. If replacing it is out of the question, then simply repainting and fitting new cupboard doors can also make a huge difference at a fraction of the cost.
Likewise with bathrooms. This is a space which is necessarily personal, and it might be that you can’t get past the idea of using ‘someone else’s’ bathroom. Bathrooms can be purchased reasonably cheaply these days at popular chain stores, or online, and even if you aren’t able to replace it completely then a new shower or toilet will update the feel of the room instantly. The same is true of repainting or re-tiling. Just a few subtle, easy changes can make a world of difference. Especially if it used to be a children’s bathroom and is now an adult one.
Another option is having new carpets put down. It’s not necessary for them to be throughout the property; it’s highly likely that the current bedroom carpets will be in a decent enough state to keep. However, areas of the house which have seen high traffic – generally doorways, hallways, stairs, etc. – may well be looking a bit tired. And the effect of choosing your own preference for carpets will immediately make it feel far more ‘your’ home. If possible, you could even choose new curtains to go with the carpets.
New windows are also a good idea. The chance to pick your style and frame; if your property is an old one you wish to update them as a feature, or indeed replace them with something more in keeping with the age of the house. It also opens up the possibility of extending the windows where possible. You may choose to have wall-windows, or windows instead of glass doors. Whatever you choose, having new windows fitted will instantly bring a lift to your home.
And lastly, if none of the above are possible or desirable for you, then simply having the property professionally cleaned can bring huge peace of mind and the ability to relax in it immediately. It may be that the vendors have done wonders in making the place immaculate, but ultimately nothing can beat the ability and thoroughness of those who do it as a living. You won’t have worries about toilets, baths or showers, or perhaps even poky corners in the kitchen. Getting a gardener in to tidy up the lawns can also bring tremendous pleasure in your new home.