Cleaning your home is essential for you if you want to keep clutter, odours and stains at bay, but is your regular clean enough for your house? Every home can benefit from a deep-cleanse, even if it’s not going to be on a regular basis. It’s easy to give your home the level of cleanliness it deserves, but if you’re not sure where to start, then why not have a look at this handy guide? We’ve compiled some of the best tips imaginable so that you can get the clean home that you’ve always wanted, so what are you waiting for? Get started today!

How to give your home a thorough deep cleanse

Have the right cleaning products.
Before you begin your deep-cleanse you need to make sure you have all of the necessary equipment! Go through every room of your house and make a list of items that you’re going to need, whether that might be furniture polish, glass cleaner, bleach, carpet cleaning products, stain removing products, products for mould and mildew or even just air freshener! Once this is done consider all of the tools you’ll need as well – from sponges to scourers, there’s plenty of cleaning tools you’re going to need! Once you have your list, go through your cupboards and cross off the items that you already have. This will stop any needless spending!

Set aside a whole day (or longer!)
Don’t expect to thoroughly clean your home in just a few hours! Unless you live in a studio flat, it’s more than likely that your deep-cleanse will take at least a day! Set realistic goals, and if you’re cleaning for a specific deadline then plan well in advance!

Make a plan for your home.
It’s not quite time to start cleaning yet! When cleaning your home to this level, you need to have a plan. Decide which rooms you want to start with, how much you want to get done a day, and what cleaning jobs each room might need. Don’t just leave it all to memory, as you’ll be more than likely to forget about dusting those picture rails, or getting behind your radiators! Making a list is a great way to stop this from happening.

Make sure you move all items of furniture.
This sounds like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many people neglect to do this! The best way to clean your home is to get both behind and underneath all of your movable items. If you need help moving your wardrobe or sofa then why not try asking a family member or friend?

Why not hire specialist equipment?
Some cleaning tools are incredibly expensive to purchase, but if you want a thorough one-off clean then why not hire yourself a Pimlico carpet cleaner or steam cleaner? These types of products make cleaning a breeze, and they kill lots of germs and bacteria with little to no effort. If you’re interested in hiring equipment then make sure you do your research to ensure you’re hiring from a company that you can trust!

Don’t forget any areas!
Making a list will help make sure that you aren’t forgetting to clean any areas, but ticking off an area once you’ve finished cleaning is a great way to stay on track. Don’t try to tackle too much at once, and ask for help when you need it!