Every home is different, and every loft requires a different kind of access depending on how it is laid out. The amount of available space in the loft or home is the first thing that determines what kind of stair access is going to work best in the space itself. After the space is taken into consideration, the family must decide what their personal style is and how that will play into creating a nice loft. Take note of the following tips from our website.

Loft Access - The Ins And Outs Of Choosing The Right Ladder - Stairs

The Space

Small spaces require that the homeowner install a retractable ladder that can fit into the ceiling and will only be open when the homeowner needs to get into the loft. This can also provide privacy for the people who are living in the loft.

For the garage apartment or the adult child who is living at home, the amount of privacy that is provided by the retractable ladder makes the space completely private. These ladders can be designed to be pulled closed from the inside and pulled down from inside the house.

Larger spaces can take ladders that are permanent and simply act as stairs to the loft. These stairs can be designed like a traditional ladder or they can appear to be stairs depending on the people who are living in the loft or the style of a home.

The Design

The design of the house plays into how the ladder and stairs are going to be installed. In most cases, a loft is an open space that is not necessarily sectioned off from the rest of the home. However, there are times when the loft is completely separate from all of the other rooms in the home.

When this is the case, it is best to have a retractable ladder that helps to make it appear as though the loft is not even there. This is also helpful if the loft is completely open and the homeowners want to have some separation between the loft and the lower stairs living quarters. The retractable ladder can make it appear as though the loft is a separate apartment that has nothing to do with the rest of the house.

The Length Of The Ladder

Many people want to have the easiest access to their loft, but they must choose a ladder that has the right number of steps or is the right length. When the ladder unfolds from the ceiling, it must be able to fit in the hall. Also, the ladder must be easy for the family to climb. A ladder may look nice, but it must have enough steps to make it easy to climb.

When choosing the right loft ladder or stairs for the home, it is very simple for homeowners to do the math and determine what they want to do to make their home look good. A retractable ladder can be installed to make the loft appear invisible, or the stairs can be visible to make the loft just another part of the house. Homeowners can make access to their loft look any way they like.