The type of flooring you select for your new steel garage will depend largely on what you intend to use your shed for. Do you plan to live in it? Will you be storing chemicals? Heavy equipment? Valuables? And the list goes on. Below we have outlined the top 3 flooring options used in residential garages around Australia.

Selecting a Floor for your new Steel Garage

This is an obvious point, but one so easily forgotten. Every item in your farm shed should really have its own place, that will make it easier to locate at all times. Make sure that your staff are aware of where each item belongs, and make sure they put everything back to where it belongs when they are finished with it.Make sure your steel farm shed has plenty of good natural lighting – obviously the better your shed is lit up, the more easily you will be able to locate what you are looking for.


Concrete is probably the most popular flooring option for most Australian residential garages, and this is largely due to the fact that most garages are used for storage of motor vehicles, tools and equipment – which doesn’t require a fancy floor, but rather a practical one; and concrete offers just that. There are many types of concreting solutions, from your plain swept concrete, stamped concrete and painted concrete flooring options, all of which can look quite attractive.


If however, you plan on using your steel garage as a place for entertaining or as a home study, then you might want to fancy the area up a little, and tiles could be just the solution. Tiles will keep your garage much cooler and the options are endless.


Again, if you are planning to use your garage for more than just a storage facility for your tools, equipment and cars, and intend on using your garage as a place of play, entertainment or sleep, then consider investing in carpet. Not only will carpet give your garage a much more homely feel, but it will help you keep the room much warmer in winter.

Every farm shed should have their fair share of plastic containers which are filled with smaller items, such as screws, nuts, hose nuzzles and so forth. Make sure you itemise each product and clearly mark what is stored in each plastic container on the container.

To make life easy, place a handy item that goes hand in hand close together. For instance, if you want tools cleaned before they are hung up on the pegboard, be sure to place a bucket and cloth underneath the pegboard as this will encourage your staff to clean the item before hanging it up.

It is important to note, that not all steel garages can be used as liveable dwellings, and it is up to you to check with your local council to see what the requirements are for your region. If you are permitted to use your garage for use as say a rumpus, teenagers retreat or home office, we recommend you contact a local building certifier and ask them their advice on flooring options for your steel garage.

Wall racks, tool trollies, drawers and cupboards – whatever it takes for you to create a place for each of your tools, chemicals, equipment and toys. A clean farm shed is in most cases, an organised farm shed. Pegboards are a great place to place your tools, keeping them neat and tidy, and on display so that you can easily locate them.