Adding colour to your home can be difficult at the start but it’s sometimes even harder to know when to stop. Many of us have become so attached to monochromatic shades that we are too afraid of trying something new by bringing a splash of colour into our homes.

Introducing colour is one of the simplest ways to introduce your personality into your home while creating a warm atmosphere. You’ll be surprised at how much a combination of colours can instantly change your mood.

Accents of colour can create focal points across your home and draw attention to your beloved household items. So, for those of you asking the question, ‘Where do I start?’ we’ve put together some simple ways you can introduce colour into your home.

Soft furnishings

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to add some colour to your living spaces is through soft furnishings such as bedding. Your bed is the focal part of your bedroom, after all. The likes of Divan Beds Centre has a great range of stylish beds to suit anyone’s room, and you’ll be surprised at the impact it will have. Alongside this, consider embracing colours you wouldn’t usually think about through your quilt cover, cushions and throws.

Soft furnishings are a great way to introduce new colours as they can make a striking impact without committing to too much risk and effort.


Artwork is a great way to add a splash of colour to your home and fill a blank wall. You don’t have to go overboard with expensive prints, you can pick canvases up for a couple of pounds in many home stores in a variety of colours allowing you to experiment. Use bold colours within your print and repeat them somewhere else in the room.

Accent wall – get creative with paint

Accent walls are great but are a big commitment compared to adding a couple of brightly coloured cushions or new bedding so make sure you’ve thought this through before doing so.

The bolder your wall is, the more of a feature it will become. So if you’re looking for something a little more subtle choose a pale colour that will support the rest of your colour scheme instead of something that will dominate the entire room.


From ornaments to picture frames, clocks, baskets and pots there are numerous accessories that you can use to bring colour into your home. The idea is to spread the colour throughout your space and not place it all in one spot.

Bring plants inside

Indoor plants are renowned for improving your health as well as bringing a great mix of new colour into the home. Bringing a bit of the outdoors inside will give the room a vibrant kick of greenery and create a relaxing vibe.

Now you have five simple ways to bring colour into your home but, remember, the key to making colour work in your home is to repeat it in three different places. It’s no good bringing in one splash of colour as it won’t work, you need repetition and then you’ll have the perfect colour balance.