Humanity should endeavour to take care of our planet and ensure that it will remain a clean and safe place for people to live. As pollution and deforestation continues, it can seem like it’s impossible to make a difference. However, you can have a positive influence on nature through your day-to-day life. Embarking on a recycling programme, driving a hybrid car, having solar panels installed, turning off appliances, using detergents free of chemicals, not wasting items and more.

The Benefits of an Eco-Friendly Removal
The can all be done in our normal life but being friendly can extended to other things we do, such as moving home or office. If you are relocating from one address to another then you will be preparing to tackle countless chores such as packing, furniture removals, transportation, etc. Throwing various green measures onto this can seem like a lot of work but you shouldn’t disregard it because it is simple and can have various positive effects on your move, as you will soon find out.
Packing is a difficult choice during a move, you have to sort goods, acquire materials for them, wrap them all up and so on. Packing and transporting items you no longer desire is a waste of items and money, and they will s imply be taking up space in your new address. This is why you should take unwanted, broken, old and useless items and recycle them. Place these goods with your usual recycling pickup, make them to local recycling bins or contact a depot who can collect the things directly from you. This will not only ensure these goods are not wasted but make your move simpler. You could sell the goods if they are still useable or donate them, so you are recycling in a different way, one that can help the poor or make you some money.
Taking a green approach to your move can crop up in multiple ways when using packing materials. The first thing to do is see if you have already any materials that can be used. Old cloth, clothes, sheets newspaper and more can all be used as an effective way of wrapping up goods so try to obtain these because it is a form of recycling and can save you money. If you are to buy new materials then use items that have been recycled before ad/or can be recycled later once you have finished with them. This can also apply to boxes, so try to see if you have any separate containers you can utilise or stick to cardboard boxes because these can easily be recycled. Don’t forget to ask friends and family to see if they can supply you with any used packaging or boxes.
The transportation of your goods can leave a large carbon footprint so you should consider ways to reduce this. The best way is to use one large vehicle to move all of your goods at once, rather than several smaller vans over several trips. This will release less emissions overall and require less fuel, especially if you use the most direct route. If there is an friendly removal firm in your area, get in touch, or use hybrid vehicles.
At the end of your move, make sure everything is disposed of properly and is recycled if possible. Keep boxes and wrapping for later use, so they are not just thrown away immediately. Use this fresh start to add more environmentally positive initiatives in your home or workplace.
Making a move friendly can be tough, but you will create many benefits, especially for the Earth.