While style and color are certainly vital factors for choosing a roofing material that fits your family’s needs, there are other key players in the decision making process, such as cost and durability, which are equally as important. Growing in popularity among homeowners, EPDM rubber roofing (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) has become well-known for its economical price tag and the slew of benefits it offers. Whether you’re replacing an outdated roof, looking to improve your home’s curb appeal, or simply exploring your options, here’s what you need to know what EPDM rubber roofing.

Color Options

While standard EPDM roofing is available in black or white, homeowners have the option of customizing the visual appeal of their roof by coating the surface with an acrylic paint. Not only do acrylic coatings boost the life expectancy of the rubber, but they’re available in a wide array of colors to satisfy your personal design preferences. The standard black option is ideal for colder regions because it contains moisture-fighting properties, which is beneficial for warding off ice dams and condensation damage. On the opposite side of the arena is the white coating. Recommended for warm, southern locations, the white surface is UV resistant and great for lowering your monthly utility bills as it conserves energy.

The Mountain of Advantages

The light-weight EPDM material is typically applied using one sheet of rubber, masking any seams that can blemish an otherwise attractive roof. This creates a beautiful aesthetic while reinforcing the roof’s water-resistant material. In addition to fighting unwanted leaks, EPDM is built to withstand and even prevent fires from catching and spreading. The thick surface of this rubber material can retain heat during the winter and prevent the sun from heating up your home in the summer, keeping your utility costs low.

Another great benefit of this type of roofing is the simple installation process, which doesn’t require any heating equipment – a huge plus for your homeowner’s insurance policy. Between EPDM’s durability and low-maintenance build, don’t be shocked to find a 30 (or more) year warranty attached to the rubber. The thicker styles of EPDM are known for carrying loftier price tags. However, the greater the thickness, the more powerful the protection will be.

Life Expectancy

One of EPDM’s best features is its incredibly long lifespan – typically lasting around 50 years. From a maintenance perspective, rubber roofing only needs a small amount of routine upkeep to maintain a healthy condition. Additionally, the flexible material, purchasable in sizes like 45, 65, 75, and 90 mil, can fit a wide variety of architectural styles and construction – making it an easy choice for many homeowners. And because it’s built with industrial-strength materials, EPDM is a great option for homes that experience severe inclement weather, such as high winds or hail.

Between this roofing style’s longevity and broad scope of decorative options, EPDM is becoming a top choice among homeowners across the country. You can reap the mountain of benefits, like its water-resistant and UV blocking properties, while still maintaining a gorgeous home with a ton of curb appeal.